Wednesday, August 22, 2012

吉蒂猫长夹 Hello Kitty Long Purse (Special Gift for my niece)

这是特别缝制给我的大外甥女的长夹, 连这黑底吉蒂猫布料也是特别订购给她的,因为她是个不折不扣的吉蒂猫迷。妹妹的三个女儿当中,就数她最和我投缘,也只有她会欣赏我的手作品, 所以当然对她有特别的待遇啦,哈哈!

This long purse was specially sewn for my eldest niece for her coming 13th birthday. I have bought this black base Hello Kitty fabric for quite some time just to wait for the time to sew her something as birthday gift. 

This photo was taken on top of the pumpkin plants at my mum house.

这次换换口味 — 不用手缝,而改用印章把她的名字印在布标上。
Changed my style this round - no more hand sew but use chop to make up her name on the fabric label.

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