Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family Passport Holder (Custom Made Order)

This is my first attempt to make family passport holders. This was ordered by my high schoolmate and also U mate which we have not met for more than 3 years. She wrote to me while I was in very bad mood due to some family issue and almost turned down her order. Coz I really had no mood at that point of time, moreover her requirement to use the same fabric for the passport holder was kind of "mission impossible" to me.

After cooled down and I thought of something different, I will still stick to her requirement to use the same fabric for all 3 BUT matched with some other fabric to differentiate among daddy, mummy and son. Tata... here there are...

Here is the front view of the group photos of the family passport holders - all hand sewn with their names on it - Sir Lim, GT Boy & Chris.
Purposely chose the same fabrics for both daddy & mummy and the lovely vehicles for the young boy.

Back view - just simple and nice

The compartment of daddy's passport holder

The compartment of mummy's passport holder

The compartment of son's passport holder 

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