Wednesday, August 22, 2012

圆鼓鼓的姐妹口金包 (客订) Fatty Sisters Coin Frame Purse (Custom Made Order)

不得不承认面子书真的是一个找人的好工具, 它不仅帮我找到了中学,大学的同学(当然也帮我带来了额外的收入)。。。一位几年没见的中学同学在看了我的作品后,向我订了个口金包。我因为担心自己的设计不附合她心中的要求,所以一连做了两个不同风格的, 好让她有所选择。怎么知道她两个都爱。。。没法,最后还是选了妹妹小粉,嘿嘿。。。

Can't deny that Facebook is indeed a very good tool in finding someone whom you have not met for very long time. It helps me to re-connect with my secondary schoolmates and even university mates (of course indirectly increases my pocket money as well...) One of my secondary mates ordered a 4-piece coin purse from me a month ago. Due to I was not very close with her so not sure what I have designed will suit her taste. With that, I have sewn 2 coin purse with different design, hoping at least she will like one of them. Who knows she likes both! Ahah! Anyway, she made the choice to have the pink one.

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