Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pink & White Polka Dots Reversible Baby Booties (Customer Made Order)

This is an order from my colleague which had ordered few stuffs from me before (really thanks for her great support!) She wanted me to sew a pair of baby booties quite some time ago, saying that her good fren just delivered to a baby girl and wish to give her the booties as full moon present. At that point of time I turned her down and asked her to buy baby hamper instead coz I do not know how to sew reversible booties..... but few months later, she still came back with the same request, haiz.... OK la, I told her I will try.

There was a nightmare to me, I purposely delayed on this order until the deadline is around the corner. No choice... I read all the craft books I had on making baby booties, again and again... if I were that hardworking during my study time, i think I could be the TOP student liao, hahaha....
Finally I able to make it, phew.... really thanks to SB for giving me this chance otherwise I won't be able to sew reversible baby booties!
Here is comes, combination of pink & white polka dots for a sweet baby girl.
Here is the booties after turning back...

I have added the anti-slipped fabric as the botton of the booties.

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雪仁 Sufen Yap said...

So sweet....u did a great job fren!