Wednesday, November 2, 2011

紫色浪漫相机袋 (客订包) Purple Romantic Camera Pouch (Custom Made Order)

同事跟我订了个相机袋,颜色,题材和设计随我, 只要求耐脏。那我就用了她和我一样钟情的紫色, 做了一谢简单的配搭,就是个大方得体的相机袋咯!这个相机袋很好命,再多个十来天就可以和主人飞去香港和澳门了。

My colleague has ordered a camera pouch from me before I left to UK. She left it to me to design for her, the only thing she requested was must not be easy to get dirt. Hehe... I chose our favorite color - purple for this camera pouch, hope she will like it.

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