Sunday, November 13, 2011

紫罗兰玫瑰托特包 (客订包) Purple Violet Roses Tote Bag (Custom Made Order)

之前和我订“舞吧,女孩”斜背包的同事对她的包很满意,所以又向我订了一个托特包送给妈妈, 感谢妈妈帮她看顾孩子。她选中的这个包型也是我很钟意的其中一款,正好她选了也让我可以不用等久久就有机会缝这个包。紫蓝玫瑰棉麻是她选的,我配上手染的紫色酒袋布,再加上蓝色的提把。整体上竟然很衬哦!

My colleague whom ordered the "Let's Dance, Ballerinas" sling bag is very satisfied with her bag, so she ordered another tote bag for her mum as the appreciation for taking care her gals. The pattern she chose was one of my favourite lists, so now I do not need to wait for very long to sew this bag, yeh! She chose the violet roses cotton linen and I matched with hand dyed canvas and purposely sewn up a pair of blue handles, what a nice match!

同事要求包包要有很多的口袋和水壶袋,所以我包里包外加上了开放式和拉链口袋。那拉链还是特地订购的紫色拉链哦!包的容量也相当的大,可以装的下很多东西。希望这位auntie 会喜欢这个包包啦!

My colleague requested to have many pockets and a compartment for water bottle, so I added an open & a zip pocket at both inner & outer of the bag. The purple zips were special ordered online just to match up with the bag oh, I like them so much!  The bag size is very big, just per my colleague's wish can fill in lots of thing. Hope the auntie will like this bag too!

                     包的一面, 有两的开放式口袋  One side of the bag with 2 opened pockets

包的另一面,拉链口袋   Another side of the bag with a zip pocket

包的侧面  Side view of the bag

Inside of the bag - with a opened pocket, a zip pocket & a water bottle compartment

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