Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brown Paws Long Purse (Sold)

I wanted to sew this type of long purse since very long time ago but not very sure if I understand the tutorial shared online which I have kept for quite some time. Until one of my students at Heart Handy requested me to teach her how to sew this type of long purse. If not because of her request, I don't think I will challenge myself, haha.... (I do admit sometimes we need some challenges in our life to move on something).

In order not to waste my fabric, I tried it out on papers first, making sure I truly understand the step by step tutorial then only I tried on fabric. In fact this is a very easy project to do, I spent less than what I expected to complete it, happy!

There are 6 card slots, 2 big slots and 1 zipped pocket for coins.

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