Monday, July 30, 2012

Strawberry Round Coin Purse (Custom Made Order)

This was ordered by a caring mum for her 5 year old girl who used to bring coins everyday to donate in the donation box at her nursery. As such, I have reduced the diameter to only 8cm and added a wrislet so that it would be easily for her to carry everywhere. It's indeed a small and cute round coin purse!

The little girl likes strawberry very much so the mum has mentioned must used the strawberry fabric I have despite I have so many cute dolls fabrics in the cabinet! I just received the text message from the lovely mum said her girl likes the coin purse so much! Thanks for informing, dear mummy....

This is one side of the coin purse

This is another side of the coin purse, I purposely chose another picture.

Open up of the little coin purse - it's pinky!

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