Monday, July 30, 2012

Toilet Soap Long Purse (Custom Made Order)

I have been very hardworking to sew my custom made order lately, haha.... I know the feeling of waiting for something we ordered for quite some time but unsure when we gonna receive them. Thus, I am trying my best to complete one by one.

This was a last minute add-in order by my ex-colleague, she ordered the London View Mummy Bag + 3-layer clutch and lastly added this long purse in. In order not to let her waited for too long (she has ordered the mummy bag since 3 months back), I "cut the Q" to sew this long purse first (so sorry to my other waiting customers, I shall come back to your order shortly). She chose the main fabric and let me design for the rest. As far I understand her, she is a cheerful lady so I chose the combination of red and blue small checked for the inner compartment for her, hope she will like the matching I made!

Measurement: 20.5cm X 10cm
~ 2 notes compartments
~ 8 cards slots
~ 1 zipper pocket

One side of the long purse

Another side of the long purse


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