Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Retro Roses 3-layer Clutch (Custom Made Order)

Here is another custom made order from the same customer. She told me she doesn't have any bag/purse with flowers theme before and therefor would like to have flower theme for this 3-layer clutch. I gave her a few fabrics for selection and at the end she chose this Japanese cotton which I only have 1/4yard of it.

I like this fabric so much just simply the flower prints are so nice and neat and the color really made out the entire fabric looks so elegance!

Here comes the group photos... :-)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Toilet Soap Long Purse (Custom Made Order)

I have been very hardworking to sew my custom made order lately, haha.... I know the feeling of waiting for something we ordered for quite some time but unsure when we gonna receive them. Thus, I am trying my best to complete one by one.

This was a last minute add-in order by my ex-colleague, she ordered the London View Mummy Bag + 3-layer clutch and lastly added this long purse in. In order not to let her waited for too long (she has ordered the mummy bag since 3 months back), I "cut the Q" to sew this long purse first (so sorry to my other waiting customers, I shall come back to your order shortly). She chose the main fabric and let me design for the rest. As far I understand her, she is a cheerful lady so I chose the combination of red and blue small checked for the inner compartment for her, hope she will like the matching I made!

Measurement: 20.5cm X 10cm
~ 2 notes compartments
~ 8 cards slots
~ 1 zipper pocket

One side of the long purse

Another side of the long purse


Bess & Billy Multipurpose Key Chain Pouches (Custom Made Order)

When my sister saw me sewing this key chain pouch, she asked: "Don't you feel bored? Is this the no.30+ key chain pouch you have sewn so far?" Ya, of course I feel bored for sewing the same thing, but as long as the fabric matching is different, at least it is considered something new to me. I hate sewing the same item with same design and same fabric!

This round I used the English cotton - Bess & Billy which I bought from London last year for this pair of key chain pouches. Purposely used 2 different color but same panel for both sides. There are just so sweet and adorable. Aren't them?

Strawberry Round Coin Purse (Custom Made Order)

This was ordered by a caring mum for her 5 year old girl who used to bring coins everyday to donate in the donation box at her nursery. As such, I have reduced the diameter to only 8cm and added a wrislet so that it would be easily for her to carry everywhere. It's indeed a small and cute round coin purse!

The little girl likes strawberry very much so the mum has mentioned must used the strawberry fabric I have despite I have so many cute dolls fabrics in the cabinet! I just received the text message from the lovely mum said her girl likes the coin purse so much! Thanks for informing, dear mummy....

This is one side of the coin purse

This is another side of the coin purse, I purposely chose another picture.

Open up of the little coin purse - it's pinky!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

先染格子布情侣护照套 (客订包) Yarn Dyed Checked Couple Passport Holder (Custom Made Order)

最近家里发生了一点事,使我的心情跌落谷底。这几天才恢复了一点对手作的热诚, 很对不起向我订包在等待的朋友们。所以跟自己说一定要加油振作!

这是之前做到一半的情侣护照套,顾客挑选的先染格子布,强调要简单的设计就好,所以我只是来个清爽的配搭, 不敢加上太多的杂物。

护照套的正面:简单到只缝了个PU 皮的皮标。



Thursday, July 5, 2012

M 型口金包 M Shape Big Coin Purse (Sold)







Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brown Paws Long Purse (Sold)

I wanted to sew this type of long purse since very long time ago but not very sure if I understand the tutorial shared online which I have kept for quite some time. Until one of my students at Heart Handy requested me to teach her how to sew this type of long purse. If not because of her request, I don't think I will challenge myself, haha.... (I do admit sometimes we need some challenges in our life to move on something).

In order not to waste my fabric, I tried it out on papers first, making sure I truly understand the step by step tutorial then only I tried on fabric. In fact this is a very easy project to do, I spent less than what I expected to complete it, happy!

There are 6 card slots, 2 big slots and 1 zipped pocket for coins.

Monday, July 2, 2012

伦敦风情防水布妈妈包 (客订包)London View Waterproof Mummy Bag (Custom Made Order)



包底用了PU 皮,加上了PE 垫和脚钉,整个包看起来都完全不一样了哦!也容易清洗,只要用湿布抹一抹就搞定!


看看我的间隔,三个开放式口袋, 一个20cm 大的拉链口袋,一个水壶间隔,还有一个钥匙扣。是不是样样齐全?几乎能被我想到的都在里头了, 呵呵。。。